Letter to O2 complaints department

O2 Complaints Review Service
PO Box 302

Dear Sirs,

Re: account number xxxxxxxxx

I write to complain about some misleading information given to me on the telephone on 18 June 2010. On the basis of the information given to me, I switched my tariff to something I now discover does not meet my needs, and have been informed today that it may not be possible to revert to my original tariff.

Until June this year, I was on your Simplicity 10 tariff, which gave me 150 minutes and (as I recall) 300 texts. What attracted me to O2 was the fact that MMS messages could be sent as part of the inclusive text allowance at a ‘cost’ of four texts. Indeed, this was the sole reason for switching from my previous provider, Virgin Mobile.

When I phoned in June, I was informed that the ‘new’ simplicity 10 would allow me unlimited texts, with a reduced number of minutes, and I agreed to change. At no point was any mention made of the fact that MMS messages would no longer be able to counted as part of the inclusive bundle. Had this been mentioned there is no way I would have switched; as I have said above, it was the inclusivity of the MMS messages that brought me to O2 in the first place.

I now note that I have been charged for MMS messages ever since that date. Searching online, I could still see no indication that the MMS messages were no longer included, so today I phoned to find out what was happening. I spoke to Tom, who was most helpful and agreed to refund what I had been charged for MMS messages on the basis that I had been misinformed.

However, he was not able to revert me to my old tariff, as this is no longer available.

Clearly I am now on a tariff that does not suit my usage, and only switched on the basis of the information given to me on the telephone. As previously mentioned, had I any idea that I would start to be charged for MMS messages, I would not have switched.

Please therefore switch me back on to the tariff I was on before I agreed to the change in June. I can see no other way to resolve this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor Coultart

Can’t say I hold out much hope, but it’s got to be worth a try.

And all so I can post photos to Flickr from my mobile.


3 thoughts on “Letter to O2 complaints department

  1. Vanya Marinova

    I think that not only I was given misleading information from O2 customer cervices!
    Today I went to the nearest branch in Stratford to try to solve my problem. I was told that my total monthly bill will be £15 per month. The Young woman repeated all the time the number £15! trick,which is commonly used to manipulate customer to agree.
    I was never told that the total Bill will be not £15 but £18! and that would change the whole picture of my bills.
    I tried to speak with a manager,but he stand on the rights of her staff and said to me I have kind a bareer and stop talking to me.
    So be careful when you are told a number and ask for the VAT!
    Now I can’t do anything but pay bigger bills and I wont use extra cheap calls which they told me I have, because plus VAT per minute it is not cheap at all.


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