O2’s response to my complaint.

You’ll all recall my recent letter of complaint to O2, and ever since I mentioned it I know you’ve all been on tenterhooks, perched on the very edge of your seats waiting to see what their response would be. It’s gripping stuff, I tell you.

The letter arrived today:

Dear Mr Coulson

Thanks you for your letter dated 25 August 2010.

I’m sorry that you’re unhappy because you’ve been billed for MMS messages following your tariff change. I can appreciate the frustration this is causing, particularly as you were unaware this service had been removed from your inclusive allowance.

I’m disappointed that customer service failed to advise you of this change. I’ve contacted the advisor involved and explained the details of your complaint, which should help this sort of thing happening again.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to change you back to your old tariff. I’m also unable to apply free MMS, as this service is no longer available. I have applied a £2.00 discount to your account, as a gesture of goodwill, meaning you line rental has been reduced to £8.00 a month. This will be active for 12 months and will start on your next bill date, which is 16 October 2010.

If you’ve any more questions etc…

Yours sincerely,

Ben xxxxxxxx
Complaint Review Service

“Mr Coulson” wasn’t a great start, and they weren’t able to do what I’d asked (although no explanations of why not) but two quid a month off for a year’s not a bad gesture. I’m not a habitual complainer, but it didn’t take much to get a result so maybe I should start to do more.


One thought on “O2’s response to my complaint.

  1. josh

    ah I see ! Well It isn’t possible to put it through their system onto an older tariff, once it’s gone it’s gone essentially.
    But the £2 per month is quite a result 🙂


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