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Photographic Inspiration

I really should get back into posting things I’ve come across that have inspired me photographically. So, here’s something. I LOVED this series that the Guardian Magazine featured just before Christmas. Really lovely stuff; Alan Powdrill spotted the efforts made by small cafes in London to decorate their premises for Christmas and rightly decided to photograph them. Beautifully observed and captured.

© Alan Powdrill

© Alan Powdrill

© Alan Powdrill

You can see the magazine feature here, or why not take a look at Alan’s own website where you can see the whole set and lots of other great work. (To find these, click on ‘projects’ them ‘Greasy Christmas’.)

With those still in my mind, I spotted this little scene at Stevenage railway station today. Not the same at all, but it did get me thinking about a possible project for next year…

Extravagantly festive at Stevenage station.© Me. (Snapped with iPhone and a bit rubbish.) 

Note: Alan Powdrill’s images strictly © Alan Powdrill. I did email Alan asking permission to post these on here, but haven’t heard back. I’ve posted them anyway (a) on the grounds that this is a personal, not-for-profit blog only, and (b) on the understanding that I’ll remove them if requested. 

Musical multi-tasking

We’ve probably all seen this amazing video of a guy who’s recorded all the parts to Stevie Wonder’s Wish using only his voice.

And it’s pretty darn good. But here’s a very different type of musical multi-tasking that gets me laughing every time. Keep going to the end – it just keeps on giving. (It’s only three minutes!)