Chin-up project two weeks in.

So far so good. I’ve stuck with this chin-up thing for a whole two weeks. That’s not bad going for me. And how is it going? Yep, okay. I think.

I’m broadly following a routine I found online, but adapted to my level of ability. It suggests that most days you do multiple short workouts, never going to the point of failure. For my first week I knew I could do five chin-ups at a time, so that’s where I set my base point, and simply went back to the chin-up bar several times throughout each day to do my five. One day a week is “challenge day”, where you set a timer for five minutes and do as many chin-ups as you can manage. The next day is rest day, where you do none at all.

For challenge day at the end of week one, I managed 16 in the five minutes. 

For week two I increased my standard session to six at a time, and also generally managed to do more sets most days.

For my second challenge day I managed 20. I’d call that progress.

The aim of the project is to increase the TOTAL number of chin-ups you do across the whole week, and as you can see I hugely increased from week one to two.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.45.37

Look, I did a spreadsheet and everything!

You might also spot that I’ve started week three on sets of six again. That sixth one each time is still just a bit much at times and the plan I’m following suggests you work within you ability, not expecting to fail. I’m happy with that.

(Yes, I have taken new photographs at the end of each week but I’ll spare you those until I can see some progress.)

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