…in which I surprise everyone by buying a piece of exercise equipment.

I’ve always been a bit of a skinny weakling. Somehow I’ve managed to get this far in life maintaining a reasonable level of fitness without doing all that much, but I’ve never had anything much in the way of strength.

And once in a blue moon I have a half-hearted attempt to do something about that. Heck, I even joined a gym once, back in my twenties. (Not forgetting that my twenties were quite some time ago now.)  There have been more recent attempts: back in 2013 I wrote here about an attempt to start doing some press-ups. (That lasted about a week.) A couple of years later I wrote again, this time telling the world I was embarking on a regime of Planking. (That one lasted, I seem to recall, a couple of weeks.)

So what’s happening this time? Having seen them in lots of houses while I’m working, I’ve been thinking about getting a pull-up bar. Today I stopped thinking about it:

Actual exercise equipment. In my house.

And here’s where I’m happy to accept any advice that people would care to give. I can do a few chin-ups. Five, I’d say before it gets too much of a strain. But what’s the best way to go about this? How many repetitions? How often? If you know about muscles and training and stuff, I’d love to hear from you.

Since I put it up earlier today I’ve been past a few times and done a group of five each time. Maybe four or five times spread over the evening. But I need a plan.

Also not really sure how I’ll measure the effectiveness and success or otherwise of this little scheme, but for sake of completeness – and with apologies to anyone eating –  this is the starting point:

My not-so-sculpted self

3 thoughts on “…in which I surprise everyone by buying a piece of exercise equipment.

  1. Gary

    Trevor, I would happy to discuss with you a training programme, you shouldn’t go straight into the pull ups without warming up your shoulders and arms. Give me a call. Gary

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