Customer Service award of the week #1 goes to IKEA.

I’ve bought a lot of things from IKEA over the years, and just a couple of times I’ve needed to return something for some reason or another. It can be a slow process if you catch them at a bad time, so when we had to return something last weekend we expected it to take a while.

This week, you see, I was building some big heavy mirrored sliding doors. You know the sort of thing; the IKEA PAX wardrobes are pretty ubiquitous these days, so you’ve almost certainly seen some somewhere.


A bit like this. Image from IKEA website.

Well, it was going okay until I heard a crack. Yes, I managed to break one of the mirror panels. A corner joint slightly out of alignment and disaster.  And they come in packs of four, so I thought it was an expensive mistake.

Ikea Family Card

But then I made a discovery. Something I didn’t know before. When we’d bought it we’d scanned our IKEA family card. It occasionally gets you special offers, but I’d never given it much thought. And what did learn? It also gives you free insurance for damage to products in transit or assembly!

Free insurance! Yes!

Mirrors promptly pack up and returned to the store with our receipt, and within ten minutes a new pack had been brought down to customer collections for us. Thanks IKEA, and IKEA family.

IKEA family card photograph from Little Ant on Flickr.
Used under a Creative Commons license.


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