Verbal Creativity

Collected Haikus from (I think) early 2015-ish

Previously published on Facebook and/or Twitter. Some were replies to things, so the context is lost. Thus mystery is added.

Collected here so I don’t lose track of them. (Though they may be best lost track of.)

I tried a Haiku
I’d not written one before
it turned out rubbish.

Maxine says it’s good
but does she not realise
just how poor it is?

Does a haiku fit
in one hundred and forty
characters? It does.

A thought crossed my mind
to write Haiku business plan.
Tutors won’t approve.

Business plan writing?
Photoshop tutorials?
Deadline on just one.

The art of avoiding work
by writing haikus.

Ben’s ceramic art
Inspires mind and soul alike;
Geometric bliss

I had a heart attack
a misunderstood deadline
so I passed it on.

Status was not planned
to follow haiku format.
Try harder next time.

I stay up too late
when at last I aim for bed
I find I’m hungry.

Had a banana
Snuck quietly into bed
Woke raring to go.

Business plan is in
two modules yet to complete
then degree is done

A book of haikus. 
Sixty-seven, bound as one. 
A brotherly gift.

My bed is upstairs.
I, conversely, am downstairs. 
I need to change this.

Too long for haiku.

Haiku syllables:
Five, seven, five. Then no more.
Unless you bend the rules.

And now I have learned
that five-seven-five is wrong
unless Japanese.

I enjoyed writing these. Why did I stop?


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