End of an(other) Era. 

Six years ago I knew redundancy was likely, so was regularly looking at job adverts. This one spotted my eye:

I gave them a call, threw together a CV, and got the job. It was my first job interview in 22 years, so I was pretty chuffed, and wrote about it here.

After a few months, redundancy did indeed come my way, so I extended my hours and my Saturday job became my weekday job as well.

Even when I started university in 2012 and dropped the weekdays again , I stuck with my original alternate Saturdays.

But now it’s time for a change again. My photography business is happening, and I want my weekends back.

I’ve given my notice, and I’m finishing at the end of march to coincide with the tax year. This will make me solely self employed. Eek!

Thank you Mather Marshall for a great opportunity. You helped me on my way.


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