Will the slight redesign here inspire me to write more often? Unlikely. But I have started on a little project that I’m enjoying, and it’s to do with communication, so may have a knock-on effect.

You see, I am rubbish at keeping in touch. With friends, and more importantly with family. I have a mum and three older brothers, all of whom I love very much. But you’d hardly know it from how little I communicate. I’m a bad son. And a bad brother. And the odd thing is I’m a really keen social media user, and appear to love all manner of electronic communications, but they don’t appear to have helped one little bit with me keeping in touch with those who really matter.

IMG_7061 (1)

So just before Christmas I started an experiment: going old school. I wrote my Mum a letter. Remember them? Hand written. With a pen, on actual paper. And I put it in an actual envelope, and actually posted it. With a stamp and everything. The following weekend, one to my oldest brother. And so on. I plan to keep going round in rotation, writing a letter each week to one of my blood relatives. How long will I keep it up? Who knows. But I’ve enjoyed it so far, and my Mum’s second letter is sealed up and ready to post in the morning.



What do *you* think?

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