Choosing glasses. Not my favourite task.

I like glasses, but hate choosing them. Had my current pair five years and only getting new ones because my prescription’s changed. There’s just so many to choose from, and it just feels like a lot of money to get wrong. (Especially as these will be my first varifocals so markedly more expensive than single vision lenses.)

Whatever I choose, I’ll probably be stuck with them for a few years. Been into the opticians a couple of times, once on my own, and once with my wife to narrow down a shortlist.

These are currently the top two…

TC-20150106-1125 30268784-angled-2000x1125

I’ll be ordering them early next week.

I may choose something entirely different.

And I hope I don’t get it wrong.


3 thoughts on “Choosing glasses. Not my favourite task.

  1. John

    The first pair would make you look young, fit, intelligent and dynamic. The second pair were returned by Timmy Mallet as being too flashy and bright.

    1. Trevor Post author

      I went for the top pair. (Though the bottom pair were rather more refined in real life than in this picture. The orange was somewhat more restrained than it looks here. I preferred them, but they didn’t seem to be as adjustable for a decent fit.)


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