Old Eyes

I think my eyes are getting old. I’ve worn glasses for distance since my late teens, and had a long spell of wearing contact lenses. But for a while I’ve suspected my next pair of glasses will need to be bifocal or varifocal. I mentioned this last time I had them tested, about three years ago, and at the time the optician didn’t recommend it.

Photo ©2013 Trevor Coultart

But it’s now reached the frustrating stage were I’m constantly putting my glasses on or off depending what I’m doing. When using my camera, I keep them on to set up the shot and for looking through the viewfinder, but need them off to check camera settings or review shots on screen. Reading I can manage if I hold the book far enough away, but for a more comfortable position (or if the print’s too small) I tend to slip my glasses off.

And that would be fine, except I need a prism correction, as my eyes see slightly different heights, so without that corrected I end up closing one eye and reading with just one. Which can’t be good.

Going for a sight test this afternoon. Wonder what they’ll recommend…?

Update, 3pm:

Yes. I need varifocals. I think that makes me officially old. 


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