Exhibitions are over. What now?

It was great to exhibit my work at the degree show and then at the Truman Brewery as part of their Free Range series of graduate exhibitions, where we were exhibiting alongside six other universities’ photography graduates. Thank you to all who came along to either exhibition. I had some interesting conversations with a few folk about my project, including several suggestions that I should look into publishing the book properly – including one that came up with a couple of suggestions about who to approach.

I’ve been looking for online reviews of the Free Range show, but it’s early days yet; photography Week 2 opened last night. (I may go along to have a look – there was some really great stuff on display during week 1.) At least one blogger has picked my work out as among their favourites from the show, which is rather nice. I wonder if anyone else ‘spotted’ me?


The end of the exhibitions really does mean that university is all over (bar the graduation ceremony, but that’s not until September). It’s been an amazing experience to dive into student life in my (relative) maturity, and I’m hugely chuffed to have come out the other end with a Photography Degree with First Class Honours*. I’ve had in mind for ages to write something about what it’s like to be a mature student inhabiting world of mostly 20 year-olds, but that’s never really appeared. Lets just say it’s been a positive experience and has (mostly) made me feel young. Hoorah!

And so… what now?

Well my property photography business is up and running, but undeniably slow and as things stand isn’t going to make me a living. I’m hoping to develop this further as a starter, taking other commissions as and when they come my way. Let me know of any opportunities that you hear of.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.49.39

(* Disclaimer. We don’t officially know our degree classifications until the end of July, but I’ve had all my grades back for every module and if it doesn’t average out as a first they’re using a previously unknown type of mathematics.)


What do *you* think?

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