About that resolution…

…no, not that one. The “no phone in the bedroom” one’s easy. Well, I mean it takes no explanation.

But what was that I mentioned in passing? Exercise? Me?

Two years ago I said I was going to try to do a little (tiny!) bit of strength training. and I lasted no more than a few days before I gave up. Actually, ‘gave up’ is too positive a term. ‘Forgot’ would be more like it. I need to make it a habit.

Three days in a row so far (whoop!) this is what I’ve done:

  • ten press-ups
  • twenty seconds planking

Ten press ups? TEN?! Doesn’t sound much, I know. But ten press-ups in one go is about my limit. And planking? What’s that I hear you say?




You just get into this position and hold it. It’s supposed to be really good for your ‘core muscles’ (whatever they are). There are lots of variations, but this is the basic one, and twenty seconds is pretty much my limit so far. I gather I should be able to extend that pretty quickly…


Oops, look, I should be on thirty seconds already. Mind you, that assumed I could do twenty on day one, which I couldn’t. Got to about fifteen.

Which means I’m improving already.

Also… maybe I should try it twice a day.

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