Things to do…

Procrastination time.


You see, this is year three of a photography degree, but I seem to be doing very little photography. No, what I’m supposed to be doing right now while I’m writing this instead is working on an essay, and writing up some stuff about portfolios, and working on a “mission statement” about my own portfolio-to-be. It’s all words, words, words, and thinking*.

None of which I’m feeling all that good at just now.

And so I wander, and I meander, and my brain tries to vaguely stay on track, but fails miserably. I just read a brilliant piece of writing (yes, while I should have been working) about this very thing. A friend wrote this piece about her own procrastination and it’s so unnervingly accurate about the state of mind that I find myself in. Except that at least most of my friend’s distraction seem productive in their own way. Mine are mostly mindless. You know that “internet” thing? You may have heard of it? It’s an amazing thing, a blessing in so many ways and makes so much of modern life easier that before. But jeepers it’s also the biggest time-waster going. Egads, the time that flies by while I ‘just catch up” on this or that. Or the other. Why did I watch that video? Why did I read that article? Why am I checking yet again to see if anything’s been updated since I last looked? Oh, and then a quick coffee. Or a snack. Oh, wait – that means even more time has passed since I checked this or that; better check again.

Deadlines are approaching fast, with much work before I’m ready. I have had loads of time to work on these modules. Loads. So why so I still have so much to do on them? And why am I even here, writing this?

Well, I think that’s got that off my mind. Now to get on with some work. Oh, hang on – just need to pop out to post a letter first…

Lego City Advent Calendar 2014: Day one, Boy posting Christmas card

If you didn’t spot the link to my friend’s writing, do click here to read it. It’s so well written.

(* Oh, and also compiling a mini-portfolio that should include some photographs taken this semester. Except I’ve not really been taking any this semester. At least, not directly connected with the course.)


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