Sad about a tree.

An email I sent today.

Dear Sirs*,

I noted with sadness this morning the removal of a large mature tree on Stevenage High Street, on the pavement outside Waitrose.

Aaw... wonder what it had done to deserve this?

Under the freedom of information act, may I request some details about its removal?
  • Was this tree subject of a TPO*? (I note it is not listed on the website here as having a post-1999 TPO, but the page does stage older TPOs are not listed.)
  • What was the reason for its removal?
  • What investigations were made (tree surgeon report etc) into alternative courses of action such as pollarding?
Yours faithfully,
*    Stevenage Borough Council
**  Tree Preservation Order

UPDATE: Just been pointed out to me that Sharon Taylor, leader of Stevenage Borough Council, Tweeted a few days ago about the “Dead Elm” being removed.

I shall still be interested to hear the council’s official reply.

UPDATE 2: They’ve replied. It was dead.


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