Photo-a-day. A new chapter.

Those “photograph a day” things. I try them, sporadically, but always drift away after a while and then miss them. There are loads of ‘Daily Photograph’ challenges around, but the one I’ve usually used is one published by Australian blogger Fat Mum Slim. (Actually she’s called Chantelle, but heck this is the internet so I guess anything goes.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 20.08.33

Chantelle’s been publishing her monthly list of suggested ‘prompt’ words since January 2012 and has amassed a huge number of participants. Since being introduced to it by a friend a while back I’ve dipped in and out. My last attempt to keep it up started in May last year and looks to have lasted for 75 photos – and that’s with long gaps in. (You can see them over here on Flickr.)

Well, I’m about to start again. Another short-lived involvement? Who knows. But this time I’m doing it a bit differently. Oh. Yes. I . Am. For one thing, Chantelle’s Photo-a-day has been so popular she’s taken it to another lever herself and has just launched a dedicated iPhone app, “Little Moments“.  You don’t need the app to take part, but it looks to be a great way of keeping up to date with each day’s prompt. You can shoot and edit your photographs right there in the app, and it links straight through to Instagram or Facebook to publish your pictures with all the relevant hashtags ready loaded. Anything to simplify things is welcome with me. Using the app will mean I’ll be limiting my photo-a-day submissions to iPhone photographs rather than those taken with other kit. Oh,  and the other change is that for the first time I’ll be putting photographs online somewhere other than Flickr. I’ve resurrected a dormant, empty Instagram account that I opened but never used, and it will be the new home for my Photo-a-Day photographs when I jump back in on 1st July. Which is Tuesday.

I’m trevorcoultart over on instagram (as I am pretty much everywhere else) so feel free to follow along, though if you’re already following on Twitter or Facebook I’m sure I’ll be pumping out links each day. You know, just to totally bore you all.

July’s list of prompts

(As well as making it easy to participate, the app also has a range of filters and cheesy text overlay options that I don’t expect I’ll make much use of. But you never know.) 


What do *you* think?

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