Rural wanderings

Been spending far too much time in front of a computer lately, so made a point of getting out behind a camera this morning. I was on foot, so only wandered a short distance from home, but I’m right on the edge of town so headed west for a bit on the public footpath network. Here are a few of the things I spotted.

Low-level livingThis oddly-placed bird box.

Lines of cropsParallel Lines

Field of wheatLots and lots of wheat

Hi-flyersThese guys reaching for the sky

Wheat Macro
Here’s a closer look.

Stevenage Water Tower

And here’s a surprise. I’ve always known that the Water Tower is built at the highest point in Stevenage, but it’s never occurred to me that you’d be able to see it standing out above the rest of town like this. Here’s a map to indicate roughly where this is taken from. Amazing how much of Stevenage is hidden from view from here.

water tower map



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