Update. Of sorts.

Hello? Anyone there?

Well, if I have no readers left here I can hardly blame them. When did I last post anything of interest? Yeah, totally don’t answer that. We’ll call it ‘rhetorical’.

Hey, do you know what’s been on my ever-changing list of things to do for ages? Post something on here. I even got as far as making a wee list of things I wanted to talk about. (Get me! A list!) A general review of Degree Course year two. A thing about getting a few photographs featured in Hertfordshire Life magazine. Some stuff about the Degree Show I went to. Initial thoughts, even,  about what I might plan for my own show next year. Something about creative writing with some thoughts about how much I’ve enjoyed a blog written by a friend. Other stuff.

And have I actually sat down and composed any of these ideas into a blog post? Have I heck.

But wait, hang on. You’re reading something here right now, aren’t you? So I have written something. Whoop-de-doo.

All those things listed above may get a mention. One day. But each needs a little thought and I clearly haven’t given any thought to this meaningless ramble.

I should mention something, really. Anything. Oh, I know, this will do: I’ve been working on a new photography website, and have just put it live over at coultart.com.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 14.29.18

Mostly pleased with how it looks and works, but still feels like an early draft so if anyone has any comments I’d love to hear them. I’m still uncertain about quite what needs to be on there (The ‘about’ page in particular is rubbish) and the selection of photographs isn’t always consistent with the gallery headings Ive chosen. Seriously though, if you have anything to say, you totally should.

And, er, that’s enough of a ramble. Egads what happened to me. I used to be a pretty good blogger. (Note: for ‘good’ read ‘at least fairly consistent’)


What do *you* think?

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