Customer service award of the week goes to…


After an amazing family holiday (Jamaica, don’t you know) we decided to make a photobook, and made it using Apple’s iPhoto, as that’s what we use to store and organise all our family photographs. (My university and, ahem, ‘professional’ stuff being organised by Lightroom.)

The book creation part of iPhoto did a good enough job – not as versatile as InDesign, but what do you expect – and we ordered the book. It was due to come by Royal Mail, and was duly dispatched on time.

But then it didn’t arrive.

The delivery date range passed, and I let a further two days pass to give them the benefit of the doubt, before phoning. Apple’s response? A new book printed and sent, this time by courier, AND a full refund. Despite that fact that it would appeared to be the Royal mail who’d lost it.

Which is pretty much perfect.

[Postscript: the new book arrived by courier there day after it was dispatched. The original book then arrived by Royal Mail the very next day.]


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