The benefits of post-production.

A friend posted this photograph on Facebook the other day, as an illustration of what she thinks of London (“mostly dull with occasional nice bits”).

Gill St Pauls before

It caught my attention because I’d recently shot a similar view of St Paul’s. But mainly because I thought that her photo could look a lot less, well, dull, with just a tiny bit of post processing. So I nicked it from Facebook and spend probably less than a minute in Lightroom to come up with this.

Gill St Pauls after

Still far from perfect (some very odd things going on in the sky, for example), but I thought it a good illustration of how much detail your camera (in this case, a Fujifilm Finepix JV110 compact) might have picked up that’s hidden from you unless you know how to pull it out. All I’ve done here is boost the exposure, pull up the shadows, and increase the clarity a little. (Oh, I tell a lie, I did also drop it into Photoshop just to straighten up the buildings a touch.)

Lesson? Don’t be disappointed if your photographs come out badly – there may be more to them than you realise.

Thanks, Gill, for letting me republish these on here.


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