In which Unobus did *not* leave me stranded this week.


Still no reply from Unobus about my adventure the other week. Here’s my follow-up email:

Dear Mr Finn,

Hello again, and Merry Christmas.

A shorter story for you this time. On Wednesday I caught the 635 from the Forum at 16:08 as usual. When the driver told us we were going to do a bus swap, my heart sank following my previous experience. But you know what Michael? This time the bus was ready and waiting for us! How I rejoiced! (Even though the new bus was rather chilly.) Thank you.

I can’t help but notice, though, that I’m still waiting for a response to my previous email dated 27 November. That’s over two weeks, now, Michael, and I’ve not even had any acknowledgement. Not even a “thanks for your email, we’ll investigate and respond later”.

Nope, nothing.

What is your response time for complaints, Michael?

Trevor Coultart

(PS: I’ve reproduced my original email below, just in case that’s gone missing like the bus seemed to.)

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