What’s in the box?

There was a nice big box waiting for me when I got home.



Excitedly, I cut the straps and removed the lid…



To find instructions in many languages in case I needed to return what was inside. I opened further…



…to find a promised minifigure. I’d emailed Lego a couple of weeks ago to mention that the paint on my Chicken Suit Guy was wearing off at the extremities (you can see it pretty clearly on this photo) and that I’d never known colour to come off Lego before so wondered if it might be a quality control issue. (In fact, I’d already seen some discussion online about the fact that the ‘collectible’ minifigures are made in China rather than Denmark, use a different grade of plastic and appear to be less well finished than we’ve grown to expect from Lego.)

Anyway, they were sorry I wasn’t happy, but there was no way they could send me a new Chicken Suit Guy as they don’t have any of series nine left. They’d be happy, though, to send me a new mini figure from the current series.

Who would I get?

I got mountain climber dude. He’s pretty cool.


Yes, that box really was just for one mini figure. Here he is again to get the sense of scale:


So, Lego, thank you so very much for a free mini figure. But I can’t help wondering… wouldn’t a padded envelope have sufficed? 


What do *you* think?

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