Portraits of (not) a stranger.

My previous post showed a couple of Portraits of Strangers. We were also set a task to take a portrait of “someone we know well”. Now, I’m not actually going to claim to know Gill really well but I have known her for a long time and in a variety of different circumstances: I first met her in an amateur dramatics group I did a few musicals with, then found she had children in the school where my wife works so saw her at PTA events and the like, and now see her occasionally as she’s part of the church at which my best friend is the vicar. (Note to self: Did they need to know all that? Probably not.)

Anyhow, to business. One thing I do know about Gill is she loves to be outdoors, so rather than do a portrait in her house we went for a stroll to a local park and had a little photoshoot there. It’s not what I’m really comfortable doing, and certainly not what she’s used to either, but I think we got some okay results.

Gill 12

Gill 4

Gill 9

Thanks, Gill, for being a willing guinea pig model, and not minding me publishing a few on here.


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