Portraits of Strangers.

For one of our modules, we’re having a series of guest tutors, each running a five-week assignment. The first is Gino Sprio. (He’s done some stunning work, which you can see on his website.)

As part of the introduction yesterday, he set us a mini-task, asking us over lunch to take a portrait of a stranger. Well, I’ve done a bit of that latterly, but usually candidly. This time, I approached a few folk and asked them. It ws helpful being on university grounds as it made the approach easy: “I’m a photography student here and we’ve just been set a lunchtime brief to take a portrait of a stranger; would be be happy for me to take a couple of photographs of you” seemed to work pretty well. I had a couple of refusals, but these guys were all happy to cooperate…

Two for the price of one 
(Overexposed due to trying to be clever with an unfamilar flash. Rescued a little in post production.)

This guy was just walking through campus. He asked me to email him any decent shots, so I sent him this one, and he’s replied saying he might know of some portrait work for me. Interesting…

Street sweeper
I got a closer, and possibly better, shot of this chap, but chose this one as I liked the wider view and the context given by the brooms.

What do *you* think?

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