Out on the streets again…

Last month’s experiment with a bit of Street Photography in Hitchin still pretty fresh in my mind, this morning I found myself with a couple of hours to kill in Letchworth. So I took my camera again.

Like last time, I intended to focus solely on people, but wasn’t feeling inspired/brave/whatever and as a result I’m not pleased with the results. For one thing I took far fewer photos than I did last time, and those I did were almost all shot ‘from the hip’ rather than properly framed up. There were a few that were passable, but nothing special.

In fact, the only shot I’m really pleased with is not a portrait at all, but this one I took while trying to pluck up the courage to point my camera at people.

The Colonnade, LetchworthThe Colonnade, Letchworth

If you want to see the very few portraits that I’ve put up on Flickr, here’s the link.

I think I need to go somewhere a bit busier, and a bit noisier, where there are more people with cameras. So I’m off to London tomorrow. I’ll catch a couple of exhibitions, and spend the rest of my time pointing my camera at stuff. And people.


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