Out on the streets.


Been wanting to have a go at some street photography for a while now. I did a bit of minor experimentation a while ago but only with my iPhone camera. Yesterday the opportunity presented itself: I’d done a couple of days of fairly solid (and dull) computer-based stuff, really wanted to get outdoors, and had time to jump on the bus over to Hitchin for the morning.

And my goal for the trip? Get some shots of people. Now, Hitchin has a lot of lovely things to photograph – some nice architecture and interesting signage and street furniture and all the sort of things that I usually point my camera at, but I decided to strictly avoid shooting any of that stuff so I could stay focussed on my little project for the day.

As I expected, it took a while to start being bold and brave and actually shooting, but once I’d got going, I felt like I was getting a few good shots. Of course I missed loads of great opportunities as well, and also got loads of rubbish, but among the shots I took were a few I’m rather pleased with. They’re not going to win any awards, but they’re branching out from what I normally do, and that’s why I like them.

Here’s my favourites from the morning…

Hitchin 13 June 2013

This chap spotted my camera just as he walked into shot and interrupted his phone call to say “hang on, I’m just having my photograph taken”, so I said, “okay then” and he turned back to face the lens. How very accommodating.

Hitchin 13 June 2013

Waiting. Just waiting.

Hitchin 13 June 2013

Love the contrast between the lady and the headline on the newspaper. (Though I guess she’s more interested in the sport.)

I’ve put a few more up on Flickr (set here) for those of you who’d like to take a look. And I’d love to know what you think. Which is your favourite?

[Technical notes: for those who are interested in this sort of stuff, these were shot with a Canon 40D DSLR with a Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 DC OS lens, and processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.]


3 thoughts on “Out on the streets.

  1. Phil Wadner

    My favourite is the bus stop, without a doubt. Somehow the faces all look familiar (perhaps they’re waiting for a bus to Stevenage!), and it was fun trying to work out the couples. The photo captures a wide range of character, from grumpy to gaumless, bored to bemused, cheesed off to chatty. Also like that you managed to get in the shot, which makes it difficult to work out whether you were the opposite side of the road or playing with the traffic. The woman behind the group – isn’t she a famous actress? I admire you for having the courage to try street photography, and for getting some great shots!

  2. Trevor Post author

    Interesting to get two very different ‘favourites’ mentioned. Phil, I hadn’t even noticed I was reflected in the bus stop!

    (I was, if you must know, on the other side of the street.)


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