Latest university update. More pictures!

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 09.31.24There are just a couple of weeks until the first year of my degree course is over. Can you believe it? I hardly can. Two modules are already finished: we all waiting to see how well we’ve done with the essays that we submitted just after Easter, and earlier this week we submitted the last assignments for a second module.

Now, just two deadlines remain. One, for the “Digital Environment” module, I’m pretty much completed. We had to design and layout a photographic book showing a portfolio of our work. All laid out using InDesign (which I loved), my book is here and I’m really pleased with it. Just a few more notes in my workbook, evaluating the project and the results, and I’m all done. You can see – and even purchase – the book on blurb here.

The one I need to work on more is the last of the “Photography Practices” module. Architecture, Portraiture and Still Life are all behind us (though we’ve not had grades back for Still Life yet as our main lecturer for this module has sadly been off sick) and the last one is Fashion. Not really my thing, but I’ve done a couple of shoots for it, taking a simple approach of using my son as a (willing!) model showing him in “different clothes for different activities”. Out of several hundred shots, these are the four that I’ve just sent off to have printed up large.

Display order
You can see larger versions here:    Print 1   Print 2   Print 3   Print 4

[EDIT: I picked up the prints today. It’s amazing how much less forgiving an A3 print is than a screen. Will need to re-edit a couple, and possibly change my mind about one of them. Grrrr.]

As well as the studio shots I also borrowed a lighting kit and did a shoot in the woods with him, and got some shots I really love, but – however I tried – I couldn’t get them to work as a ‘set’ with the studio ones. I have used one of them for the ‘becoming nature’ assignment that was submitted this week, and have some great shots to print up for family, so it wasn’t a waste of time.

Woodland fashion
My favourite shot from the woods.

But anyway, as you can tell (by the fact that I’ve posted this on here) I have loads to do before deadlines next week: I may have got my prints ready, but my workbook for this assignment (fashion ‘inspiration’, lighting techniques, research and so on) is decidedly empty just now and needs to be filled. Of course in an ideal world, I’d have done the research first. 

Maybe next year…


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