Lego Still Life assignment: The final shots.

Well, I said I’d put the final shots up here, so I’ve scanned them and here they are.

The Great Escape

ET The Extra-Terrestrial

Singing in the Rain

No time to write much about the assignment now, but just a quick technical summary: these were shot on medium format (Fujifilm Reala ISO 100) using a Mamiya RB67 Camera under studio flash lighting. Film developed by Peak Imaging, but enlarged and printed by my own fair hand in the colour darkroom here at The University of Hertfordshire. Models and backdrops made by me with my son’s lego and poster paints! (Gene Kelly’s hat made with modelling clay.)

Some of you may have seen my test shots over on Flickr and be wondering what happened to the Italian Job. Well, it turned out we only needed three final prints, not four as I’d thought, and though the Italian Job photos turned out okay, they only served to show up my very amateur Lego building! 


6 thoughts on “Lego Still Life assignment: The final shots.

  1. Rob

    Very nice! The ET shot especially is fantastic, and I’m glad to see you found a solution to the ‘slaughtering in the rain’ problem you had in your test shots!

    1. Trevor Post author

      Thanks! The ET shot was the hardest to print as I was aiming for a silhoutte and when the blacks were dark enough the moon was too dark and I had to do some real old-fashioned dodging. (Which was tricky as the total exposure was only about two seconds!)

    1. Trevor Post author

      They’re on a very fine fishing wire. On the actual prints it’s visible, you just can’t see it so well on these scans.


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