Police Chase! The story so far…

Imminent deadlines inevitably mean I find myself wanting to do other things. Over the last few days I’ve started a little photo project of my own, utterly unconnected with any universtity coursework. Well, I say it’s unconnected. When learning about studio lighting for still life, one of my shots came out like this:

Daily Photograph #24: Police Chase!

And people seemed to like it. And since then I’ve seen some amazing Lego photography (seriously – google it. You’ll be amazed at what you find) and thought maybe I should do something with these guys and see where they end up. The chase is underway…

The police chase continues
PC brick was sure he’d soon have this job cleaned up.

Police Chase! #3
The fugitive’s biking skills would soon shake off his tail. Or so he thought.

Police Chase! #4
The fugitive will do anything to avoid facing the music.

Police chase! #5
This beat was nothing like PC Brick’s usual traffic patrols.

Police Chase! #6
The fugitive hoped the next corner would let him shake off the cop.

God only knows how long the chase will go on. You can follow its progress here.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering: yes, university is going great so far. Pleased with my grades, not so pleased with my time management, having fun, learning lots. Still life project – which also involves Lego – is nearly complete and I’ll scan some final prints soon and let you see them.

What do *you* think?

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