Choosing an icon. Help me decide.

We’re embarking on a new photo-shoot assignment. This one: Still Life. To be specific, “Four Still Life Photographs utilising controlled studio flash lighting”. Having done a few test shots in the studio I started to think about my theme, and have decided I’m going to re-create iconic movie scenes in Lego. (I’d taken a couple of my son’s Lego Minifigures as props, and this shot vaguely made me think of the Great Escape.)

Daily Photograph #24: Police Chase!

It’s not all that new or original (go on, just Google “Lego movie scenes”) but I’ll see if I can do it my own way. But here’s the thing: I haven’t chosen which movie scenes to attempt. And that, my dear readers, is where you come in. I’ve drawn up a list of suggestions, but want more opinions before deciding which ones to do. So, here you will see this blog’s first ever poll.

Please vote! You can select up to three, and there’s space at the bottom to make new suggestions. Remember, I’m looking to do four photographs. There will be technical limitations that mean some things just aren’t feasible, but any and all suggestions are welcome. Just don’t forget my main criterion is that the scenes I choose should be instantly and pretty much universally recognisable. I belive the word I’m looking for is iconic.

For those wondering how I’m planning ot do these, I’ll be looking at creating a painted or photographic backdrop and placing lego figures and models appropriately. Kind of building a set, really. Oh, and for the technical among you, I’ll be shooting on medium format film using a Mamiya RB67 camera.




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