Next assignment due in…

Quick uni update…

We’ve submitted four assignments so far, two of which we’ve had results back for. And I’ve been dead chuffed – and at times a bit smug – with the results in both cases. Next main deadline is next Thursday 24th, when our portraiture assignment is due. Historically I’ve not really taken many photos of people, tending to mainly shoot inanimate things. (With the exception, of course, of family snapshots and events.)

The brief for this assignment was to produce three black and white portraits “using controlled studio flash lighting”. I’ve never been in a studio before, and never used proper studio lighting so, once again, there was a lot to learn. And before hand-in, I still have a heap of work to do, writing up my workbook and annotating everything to show what I’ve done, and how, and why, and what’s influenced me, and all that sort of stuff.

But I have finished the actual shooting and editing, and these three have been sent to print today.

Portraiture assignment. Final prints, arranged as intended to be displayed!

To view larger, use these links: shot one | shot two | shot three

Early on in the course we went to visit The Printspace in London, to look at their facilities and learn about photographic printing processes. We do have photo printing services available on campus, but as it happens I’m going down to London next week, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to try them out for real, so for this assignment The Printspace is getting my custom. I had to download their print profiles so Photoshop could optimise the files for the particular printer and paper they’ll be using (C-type Fuji Matt, in case you’re wondering) and that, again, was a new process to learn: allocating the profile changes the depths and tones and you have to adjust other settings to compensate. I’m working on a calibrated screen, so in theory what I’m seeing on my screen should exactly match what the prints will look like.

I’ll find out when I collect them.


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