In which I sound just a teeny bit pathetic

Is this a New Year’s Resolution? I sure hope not. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. (Though it was a new year chat last year that made me tentatively look at university courses, and look where I am now.)

But here’s something entirely different. I’ve not got too bad a level of fitness (well, I was able to cycle London to Paris without needing a huge amount of training so it can’t be too bad) but I’ve never had what I could call a lot of strength. No real muscles to speak of.

And for some reason, a couple of days ago, I wondered if I ought to do something about that. So…

I’m not about to join a gym or anything. But I thought I might start a little daily training. Something I can do around the house. And I decided to start with that good old classic: press-ups.

78/365: Creatively Bankrupt.Photo by Kit on Flickr.

And this is where I start to sound pathetic: I figured I’d really struggle to manage even ten in one go. So I’m doing five. Yes, you read that right. My new current fitness regime: five press-ups.

I can do five. There’s no denying the last one isn’t easy – but at least I’ve done them three days in a row now. Which is a lot more strength training than I’ve done for the last, ooh, ten years or so. And sure enough after doing five I can confirm: I don’t think I’d manage ten.

Of course the plan isn’t to just keep on doing five. But to get me into the routine, it’s a start.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do six.


2 thoughts on “In which I sound just a teeny bit pathetic

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