Getting re-inspired. (And a bit overwhelmed.)

It’s the start of a new term here at University, and it’s been a great start: got our second assignments back and was utterly chuffed with my mark. Things are going well so far.

Think I'm allowed to be a bit chuffed about this.

But day one also means sudden realisation – again – of how much there is to get done. Okay, so I got my essay done over Christmas (which was submitted this morning) but there were several other things I could have worked on that I didn’t touch. And now we have new briefs for new assignments, and new deadlines.

But among all of that there’s also the growing awareness that I’m actually taking fewer photographs for myself. Yes, maybe I’ve taken several hundred studio-lit portraits for an assignment, but what’s happened to my little incidental shots that I used to enjoy creating so much? Well, in part of a presentation this afternoon, one of our tutors showcased some work be several great photographers, and mentioned that many of them undertake “356 projects”. A photo published every day.

I used to do that. I called it my daily snap, until it slowed down and I renamed it ‘Random Snaps’, and then they eventually fizzled out.

Well, inspired by some the amazing work we saw this afternoon, I’m starting again.

A new daily shot project. Day 1.
Daily Shots 2012: Day 1. Not amazing work.

One of the projects we’re working on is an assignment called “Becoming Nature”, so expect to see plenty of shots inspired by nature. Oh, and probably expect to see a few self-portraits cropping up here and there.

I do still plan to write something on here about fitting in as a mature student and all that stuff, but until then, look out for my daily shots. I’ll not generally post them on here, so feel free to stalk me on Flickr or Twitter where links will appear.

Until next time!


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