There’s nothing like looming deadlines to make you want to write a blog post. One of many procrastinating techniques.

Let’s have a little review of deadlines:

7 December 2012. Photoshop assignment due in.
(Six images for commercial use, utilising photoshop.)
Finished my images (example here), sent to print at University print store this morning. Need mounting. Also need to compile workbook considering use of photo manipulation in advertising, which I’ve barely started. Oh, and finish a couple of class-based projects and write up techniques used.

11 December 2012: Alternative Identities assignment due in.
(Eight images on theme of ‘alternative identities’, produced using alternative processes.)
Most images created, still need to shoot one more pinhole image and make one more final print. Most work on write-up completed. (Images so far can be seen here.)

8 January 2013: Essay due in.
Frankly, barely started. As in, I’ve decided my subject and title, and identied one or two possible sources. Looks like that will be Christmas project.

17 January 2013: Portraiture assignment due in.
(Three black and white portraits using ‘controlled studio lighting.)
Studio induction done, but no shots taken yet. Have arranged loan of lighting kit for this weekend and over Christmas break so will shoot at home or in church hall. Also need to research and write up about portraiture techniques, styles, and influences. Not started that yet.

Oh, and I do have other things going on in my life than University.

Prioritising has never been my strongest point. Where shall I start?


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