About time for an update

Well hello! Where have you been?

Oh, no, it’s me that’s not been here.

I’ve not felt like I’ve had time for a proper university update, with an assignment deadline looming and others following soon afterwards. But apart from a final check through and a couple of possible minor amendments, I think I’ve finished the assignment, so I thought I’d jolly well make the time to post something on here.

So, what have we been up to? I think I’ve mentioned on here that we have four modules on the go. Each has different assignments, and the first assignment deadline is Thursday this week. It felt like a bit of a panic to get everything done in time, especially as I’d opted to do this one analogue and before a couple of weeks ago I’d never set foot in a darkroom before. But I’m pretty pleased with the results. The brief was to produce four 8×10 black and white prints on the theme of Architecture. Along, of course, with a workbook showing our inspirations, details of how we produced them, evaluation and so on. I ended up seeking out ‘reflections’, and these are my four final shots, scanned from the final prints. (Click to view larger.)

Reflections 1

Reflections 2

Reflections 3

Reflections 4

Yes, I know there are a few dust marks and the like, which I could probably have sorted given more care, more time, and more photographic paper. But I’ve said so in my evaluation so I’m hoping that’s covered.

In another module we’ve been experimenting with “Alternative Processes”. For the first assignment – due in a few weeks – we have to produce eight images on the theme of “Alternative Identities”, all produced using “alternative” processes (two each of Pinhole Camera, Cyanotypes, Salt Prints, and Matte Medium). I’ve gone for the easy option of self portraits, representing different parts of my identity. These are what I’ve come up with so far; they all feel like a work in progress.


“Drummer”. (Inkjet print, transfered onto watercolour paper using Matte Medium.)

"Social Media"

“Social Media Profile” (Inkjet print, transferred onto watercolour paper using Matte Medium, and only partially revealed.)


“Student”. Cyanotype created using an A4 transparency laid directly on treated cartridge paper and exposed in a UV machine. (Transparency was prepared using as a greyscale in Photoshop.) Yes, the paper is creased. I’ll have to see if I can sort that.


“Photographer”. Cyanotype created using an A4 transparency laid directly on treated watercolour paper and exposed in a UV machine. (Transparency was prepared using a ‘threshold’ adjustment in Photoshop.)

Right – onto the next thing. Got a big list.


(PS: WordPress tells me this was my 500th post on this blog! I feel I should celebrate!)


4 thoughts on “About time for an update

    1. Trevor Post author

      Thanks, Emma. The film ones are utterly analogue. The others are a real hybrid. Original photos digital and tweaked somewhat in photoshop to create the transparencies, the processed in very analogue methods – but then finally scanned and photoshopped again to tweak and enhance the colours and contrast. It’s the “artistic” module; anything goes!

  1. Rob

    Nice looking images with creative processing. I like the end results too (and a weird sense of pride seeing you working on one of my bubble images in the penultimate shot!).

    My fave is “Drummer”, but the strip effect in “Social Media Profile” is really interesting too.

    The last of the monochrome prints is my favourite of that set; I love the lines and reflections.


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