Quick uni udate

It’s been a week with no updates on here. That’s not to say I’ve been sitting around doing nothing, just not had time to put anything up.

So here’s a quick update on a couple of things. I’ve still nothing to show from my day shooting film last week. The films are developed and from what I can see I may have some pretty good results, but I’m yet to learn to even make up a contact sheet let alone any proper prints. Until then, they remain a mystery. I also have a film that I shot in a home-made film pinhole. These look less successful, though there may be some results worth printing.

The photoshop class is the one I’m getting the most out of at the moment, and it’s very easy to spend all my spare time (you know, my evenings and the ‘study’ days) playing around and practicing the stuff we’ve been working on. But there’s a lot more that I should be spending time on and in my other modules I already feel like I’m getting behind. In theory, I knew before embarking on this that there would be a lot of work. In practice, it’s taken the first few weeks for the sheer amount of work there is to be done to hit me. It’s not that any of it is especially hard, just that there’s so much of it. And prioritising has never been my strongest point. So as I go into week five of the course I need to resolve, frankly, to damn well pull my finger out and get on with it. Which is why posts like this should get even less frequent. If I have anything I’m particularly pleased with, I’ll put it up here, but in the main I need to be spending time getting on with new stuff rather than thinking about the stuff I’ve already done.

When I do get another chance to write something here, I want to say a little about my experience being a (very) mature student. I am the oldest on the course by quite a margin (the next oldest is 17 years younger than me) and older than several of the tutors. Which could have made me feel very old, or very young. All I’ll say for now is that it’s mostly the latter.

Here’s a couple of photoshop before and after shots to be getting on with:

Suit guy original




Street View original

Street View after post


Helter Skelter original

Helter Skelter after post
Now, you see what I mean about getting on with some work? This was supposed to be a “quick update” but I sat down an hour ago to compose this and I’m only just ready to hit ‘publish’. That’s an hour of studying I could have done. 


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