First attempt at Pinhole Photography

We made pinhole cameras out of boxes and cylinders yesterday, and next week we’ll be out shooting with them, exposing directly onto photographic paper.

But in the meantime, I mocked up a quick pinhole cover for my DSLR and took a few shots. Not bad for a first attempt but I can see that (a) next time I need a smaller pinhole and (b) my sensor needs a clean. The spots don’t show normally but I’m told a pinhole shot really shows them up.

Doctored Canon 40D

My 40D doctored to take pinhole shots

First shot

Very first shot: camera lying on desk pointing up at light fitting

800 ISO 0.3 sec
And I took loads here using different settings: 800 ISO 0.3 seconds

100 ISO 2 sec
100 ISO 2 seconds

100 ISO 1 sec
100 ISO 1 second

Now, that reminds me: a friend bought me a cardboard pinhole camera kit for my birthday over three years ago. And I’ve never made it up. I will fish it out and have a play!

UPDATE: I’ve now been out and done some playing with my home-made pinholes from last week. Test shots here. (I’ve also made up, but not yet used, my film pinhole kit.)


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