“Do you wanna take my photo?”

I was out walking. With my camera. Taking photos. You know: brick walls, dark underpasses – the sort of things I normally shoot.

I walked round a corner: a small group of teenagers ahead. And as I passed, one of them said,

Do you wanna take my photo?

So I turned, shrugged, and said, “sure”.

And he smiled. So I took one shot, said “thanks, fella”, and went on my way.

This fella asked if I wanted to take his photo.

(PS: If you want to see the others I took, you can do just that here.)


2 thoughts on ““Do you wanna take my photo?”

  1. cbugginsphoto

    I’m looking at doing some shots of some groups which will form part of a documentary project on my home village. Iv been toying with how best to approach them initially, I can only hope I get this sort of reception : )

    1. Trevor Post author

      Lots of different approaches. I don’t feel very bold or brave at all and have yet to ‘approach’ anyone at all. My so-called street photography up to now has only ever been discreetly shot on a phone. Just read some great stuff about Martin Parr’s work and his approach in the link below. The videos at the bottom are well worth watching. http://is.gd/kim_on_parr


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