Freshers’ Fair



I’ve never been a Fresher before. And I’ve not really done any of the “Freshers’ Fortnight” events, many of which seems to consist of staying out very late clubbing, so I thought I ought at least to get down to campus for the Freshers’ Fair yesterday.

I think it was pretty much as I expected it to be. Very crowded, very busy, and basically full of organisations, companies and societies desperately trying to get you to sign up for their services. I avoided signing up to too much, but will have ended up on a few people’s mailing lists; anyone offering the chance to win an iPad got my name, for starters. I’m sure they’ll be a way of unsubscribing when the time comes. A couple of the student societies would have been interesting to me except that they all – understandably – run their events on campus in the evenings. I’m not on campus in the evenings, and I’m not likely to make the journey especially. I did give the drama society my details and they’ve already sent out the first “welcome” email; I may see what sort of things they get up to in more detail before ruling out any involvement altogether.

Freshers' Fair crowds

Getting through the crowds wasn’t always easy

Freshers' Fair societies

Student Societies signing up new members

Freshers' Fair Goodies.

My (small) stash of freebies. There were also far too many leaflets and brochures – mostly now in the bin – and a fair smattering of sweets, all long since gone.




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