Induction day three. Not a lot to add.

Come the end of day three, I feel well and truly inducted.

I’ll not say much about today, as there’s not really that much to say. We had welcome talks from:

(a) the Head of the Visual Arts Group (a subsection of the School of Creative Arts),

(b) the Programme Administrator,

(c) the University Counselling Service,

(d) the Student Representative Organiser (recruiting for ‘creative leads’),

(e) the Dean of the School of Creative Arts, and

(f) the Dean of Students.

I think it’s safe to say we all feel utterly welcomed.

Photo by alborzshawn on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licence.

Now, remember I said I wasn’t the oldest on the course?  Well, it turns out that the chap I met on Monday was in fact a direct entrant into the third year so, although I’ve not actually asked everyone’s age, I’m pretty sure I am the oldest of the first years, probably by some margin. Hoorah!

Nice thing today: two of our tutors (most definitely younger than me, by the way) took twenty minutes each to show us some of their own work. It’s good to hear that all tutors in the school are required to be active practitioners and not be solely cocooned in academia. One is active in commercial photography, shooting winter sports for equipment manufacturers, and also landscapes for car adverts (often composite shots from multiple locations made into one landscape), and the other is more of an exhibitor, creating themed series of shots for exhibition.

Now, I think that’s about enough of this induction blogging. I’ll be back on campus for the Freshers’ Fair on Friday, and then the teaching sessions start on Tuesday. And they’ve asked for some work in readiness for then.

So I’d better start working on it.


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