Induction day one. A couple of surprises.

That’s induction day one over: talks about a couple of the modules and some general timetabling and administrative stuff; introductions to most of the tutors – who seem a decent bunch; and meeting lots of fellow students, a few of whom I actually spoke to. Didn’t do an exact count, but there appeared to be about forty of us there today, and I’m not sure that was everyone.

Demographic? Largely female, and largely young. But here’s the first surprise, and it shows up one of my preconceptions. When I’d thought about being likely to be twice the age of the majority, I’d imagined meeting them all and thinking something along the lines of Oh My God Aren’t You All So Young. And probably feeling very old. But do you know what? I didn’t feel like that at all. Yes, they are young. But I’d forgotten just how grown up 19 and 20 year olds are. I’m not so far away from them after all. (Though whether they feel the same I’ve no idea.) Of course it’s not just a case of them and me, there seems to be a fair spread of ages, and the second – nice – surprise was to find that I’m not the oldest. No, there’s another chap in a similar position to me; described himself as having worked in office jobs all his life and wanting to change direction. And he’s got at least another decade on me.

And the biggest surprise of all? An entire module that I didn’t know about, as the University Website was out of date. I knew we were doing (a) Photography Practices, (b) Digital Environment and (c) Photography Projects. But there’s fourth module: Photography Histories and Cultures. Not only did the public website not have that listed, but the enrolment and registration system knew nothing about it either, which means when we all registered online we’ve only been enrolled on three modules – which wouldn’t give us enough points to complete the first year. I’m glad I mentioned it: the tutors weren’t aware. They are now.

And that just about covers my thought for the first day of induction.

Except one minor frustration. I’d had a lift down this morning and was assuming I’d pick up my season ticket for the bus today. But they won’t let you buy one of those until you’re fully registered, and that doesn’t happen until tomorrow. So it was a full-price trip home today, and another tomorrow morning. Grrr….

Film Music and Media building at College Lane Campus. My base for the next three years. 


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