Tomorrow. The start of something new.

Well folks, the time has come. I go to University tomorrow. I’ve got together everything I need. At least, I think so.

First item on the agenda tomorrow:  10am, “Meet the photography team”. After that, not sure. Buy my season ticket for the University Bus service. Hopefully pick up my NUS card, which I’m told should be ready for me to collect somewhere on campus.

Then, Tuesday, formally register for my course. I think. I’ll find out more tomorrow.

Nervous? Yes, of course. I have little idea what to expect when I get there. I don’t know how many are on the course, and I don’t know how old they’ll be. Though I expect I’ll be twice the age of the majority. Possibly older than some of the tutors. I’ve had a look at some of the course paperwork and assignments that have already appeared online. I’ve started to read the initial textbook they told me to buy. Daunted. Excited. Will I be good enough? Can I still learn new things? Will I manage to fit in?

And, looking ahead, where will it take me? Or – maybe more importantly – where will I take it?

I’m looking forward to finding out.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow. The start of something new.

  1. Rob

    Best of luck!

    I’m back to university tomorrow too. But I work there so it’s far more depressing. Also I’ve only had two weeks off so its nowhere near as impressive.


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