None of the above

Now, let’s see….

Greenbelt? Bike? Olympics? Greenbelt? Bike? Olympics?

Which of the three topics I mentioned in my last post will I write about first?

Put it to a vote maybe?

Nah, tell you what: I’ll write about Something Completely Different.

Question: who’s been paying attention? (Counts quick show of hands.) Okay, that’s enough of you. For those who need to catch up, I’m about to go to university. If you’re desperately interested you can read about it here, but for now, here’s the latest news. For ages I’ve been telling everyone that my course starts on Wednesday 26th September – including my employer when I gave notice that my last working weekday would be Tuesday 25th. (I’m sticking with my Saturdays for the time being.)

So when I got an email from the university on Thursday evening detailing the fact that I need to be on campus to register on Monday 24th, and again to meet the photography team on Tuesday 25th, I was somewhat surprised. I’ve gone back through all my emails and paperwork trying to find where I got that date of 26th from. No idea. I know I read it somewhere.  Oops. Thankfully, a quick email to my boss was all it took: he was realistic and simply said, there’s not much we can do about it; thanks for letting us know. I guess they get to pay me two less days.

The emails from university have also suddenly meant it all feels very real all of a sudden. I go to university next week! Eek! I needed to fish out my exam certificates from 27 years ago. Sort out some ID. (Curiously, passport is only listed for non-UK residents. UK residents have to provide something else. I don’t have anything else with a photo on. I’ll just have to take my passport and hope for the best.) Get some new passport photos for my bus pass. I’ve signed up for an NUS card. (At 43!) And I need to start now on a little bit of preparation work. A sketchbook, with some notes, thoughts and images about different types of photographic montage.

Watch this space. My life is about to change.


(PS: If anyone’s really interested, here‘s what I’ll be studying in my first year.)


6 thoughts on “None of the above

      1. Stephen Hall

        Red Arrows photos would be better if they’d come closer and move slower! Photos of buildings and landscapes so much easier!


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