Greenbelt 2012: round-up of reviews

Seeing as you all enjoyed my own review of Greenbelt so much, I thought I would, thanks to the magic of the internet, mention a few other write-ups I’ve come across.

Here’s George’s view. No, I don’t know who George is either.

Here’s an Atheist who understands what Greenbelt’s all about:

And here’s a Christian who appears not to:

I don’t understand the diagram in the middle of this one, but the final two paragraphs are a great summary of the festival.

A great write up from a festival first-timer:

Here’s a whole set of articles published in the Church Times.

And a surprise appearance in, extolling Greenbelt’s use of technology.

That’s probably enough to be going on with for now. Report back when you’ve read these and I may have found some more.

As you were.

Oh, alright, if you insist: here’s another one…

There were several communion services taking place over the weekend, among them the Cream Tea Communion, the Nursery Rhyme Mass, the U2charist (geddit?), the Transfiguration Communion and Club Night and probably others I’ve missed as I’ve looked through the programme just now. The only one I attended was the big Mainstage service on Sunday Morning. But here’s a great write-up of one that sounds like it was something special: The OuterSpace Eucharist.

That’ll do for now.


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