Was it something I said?

Daily site visits. Big jumps like this don’t happen often. Was it something I said?


Seen a rather large swell in visitors here over the last few days, so thought I’d better explain. If you’re new here the chances are you’ve arrived after following a link of one of several places where a recent post of mine has been mentioned. (Here on the Guardian Website, for example.) And you may have arrived expecting to find yourself in the realm of some kind of legal/judicial blog.

Sorry to disappoint, but if you’ve looked any further than that particular post (and I know some have) you’ll soon have seen that it’s just me wittering on about whatever happens to be on my mind. There have been a few broad themes over the years: (faith and doubt; cycling; Land Registry restructuring and redundancy; photography) but mostly it just meanders around with no particular focus. If you’re interested in the topic that brought you here, there’s some detailed and thorough discussion going on in the comments threads of other blogs here, here and here.

Needless to say, you’re more than welcome to stick around.



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