My Olympics. So far. [Abridged]

Right, I’ve given up. I’ve been trying to write something about how much I’ve enjoyed the Olympics so far despite not being interested in sport. I have, you know. I’ve been loving it. But what I was writing became rambling and sprawling and was not going to be remotely interesting to anyone. Not even to me, when I read it back. So I’ve just deleted the whole thing and instead, here are a few pictures and videos of my two trips so far to London.

Olympic Park Panorama. Taken from the viewing area in John Lewis, Westfield, Stratford.
View of the Olympic Park from John Lewis’s viewing area on the top floor.

The Olympic Stadium...
Awesome Lego Olympic Stadium in John Lewis.

Lining the route for the Women's Olympic Road Race 2012
Spectators lining the route over Putney Bridge for the Women’s Cycling Road Race. 

The pack passes by. This was about 12 minutes from the start of the race. 

And we watched the end of the race on a big screen in Hyde Park. 

I’m planning at least one more trip in to soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

(Yes, that was a lot more readable than my first draft.)


2 thoughts on “My Olympics. So far. [Abridged]

  1. myfavouritesweets

    That’s a shame. I would have read it and been interested. I think the transformation of Trevor would have made a very interesting read!!You are not the first person to say they’ve been ‘turned’. Maybe try a second draft? Works for me….

    1. Trevor Post author

      Ah, now you see, Jill, I don’t think there’s much of a transformation. I’m not likely to come out at the end of the Olympics as a sport lover. I just love the sense of occasion. The spectacle.

      As for my deleted essay, I think I may have been trying to cover too much. I may break it down into smaller chunks.

      Or, as I am wont to say, I may not.


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