Little bit of planning ahead…

As my plan is eventually to be working as a photographer in some as-yet-unspecified capacity, I figured I’d need a website of some sort up and running sooner or later. So I’ve finally been playing around with it.

Like this blog, it’s very much a work in progress and needs a lot of work. But I do see it as a temporary site until I know what I’m doing, so thought you might as well see it so far.

Needless to say suggestions and comments are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Little bit of planning ahead…

  1. Alex Monaghan

    I’d put the photos smaller so it is easy to get a quick overview and make them “clickable” to view the hi-res version. You may also want to watermark them to help with theft problems, perhaps have a shopping cart to allow people to buy a copy?

    1. Trevor Post author

      All in good time, Alex. Actually the plan was to have a slideshow on the front page, but need to work out how to do that. Umpteen wordpress plug-ins available, but only way to see how they work seems to be trial and error. FIrst one I tried, I couldn’t work out how it chose which photos to show, or how long for and so on. And it only seemed to like landscape photos, which is why that’s all I’ve put up for now. Need to devote some time to research and experimentation!


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