About time for another photography post

Hey, look, so I don’t often just repost stuff I’ve read on other people’s blogs. But I’m going to right now.

Mainly because I have nothing to say for myself. So here’s something someone else said. There’s much here I could do with learning.


One thought on “About time for another photography post

  1. Rob

    Very handy list! Judging by the article, I’m about halfway through being an amateur – some of this mistakes I’m past, and some I think I still make. I don’t agree on point 10 about shoulder bags, though; I tried using a rucksack and didn’t like the way it restricted access to my camera, especially when on my bike or somewhere I couldnt put my bag down. Sure, it’s painful after a while, but I prefer it. Plus, I have a smaller, lighter shoulder bag for those times I know I’m not going to need my full kit.


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