Trevor Coultart, AWARD-WINNING Photographer

(Yes, I know winning a competition is not the same as winning an award, but “competition-winning” didn’t sound as good.)

Take a look at this:

See that? It’s a GENIUNE certificate, that is. And I got a plaque. AND one of those fancy shields which will have my name engraved on. This one, to be precise:

(Name added digitally for effect. BECAUSE I CAN.)

Impressed? Hey, YOU SHOULD BE. This was no ordinary Photographic Competition. This was no less than the Camping and Caravanning Club Chiltern Region Summer Meet Photographic Competition 2012.

Theme: “Camping”.

And I won it.

And this was my winning entry (Click to get a larger view.)


(Disclosure: There were only about 24 entries. And most were very much in the “snapshot” category. But I can still feel pretty chuffed about this. Yes. Yes, I can. Er… Can’t I?) 


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