An apology to an entire industry.

An open letter to anyone who’s every had any involvement in fashion, design, style or any other creative industry, or indeed anyone who has any interest in aesthetics of any sort: please accept my apologies.

I have just bought some crocs*.

I feel I have let you all down so horribly.

I can only assure you that they are purchased solely for the purpose of use when camping. Something to easily slip on and off when leaving and entering the tent. Preferably in darkness.

If anyone catches me wearing them in any other environment, please report me to the appropriate authorities at once. (Note to neighbours: I suppose I may occasionally wear them in and out of the back garden from time to time, or for putting the rubbish out. But that’s the limit.)

*Well, I say crocs. They’re actually Tesco’s own brand copy. Not sure if that’s better or worse. 


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